Christmas Trees near Leeds

Choosing a tree from Methley is a special tradition for many local families at Christmas time. Our farm manager planted the first tree in 1996 and now the farm has 18,000 trees being grown at any one time… so there are plenty to choose from!

To ensure that we can offer you a full range of sizes and varieties, we also buy in some trees, meaning that as well as the traditional Norway Spruce we offer non-drop varieties such as the Nordman Fir and the narrower Fraser Fir. Additionally, we have potted trees for those who want to keep their tree growing all year round! All cut trees are displayed without nets so that you can choose exactly the right shape for your home, before it's netted up and carried to your car - our friendly team are always on hand to give you advice on how to care for your tree too. 


For a more adventurous experience, we offer a ‘cut your own’ service, where you can browse the plantation to choose and chop down your perfect Christmas centrepiece, it's a family tradition for many local families - but don’t forget your wellies!


At weekends we also offer free tractor and trailer rides from our undercover shopping area to our tree plantation, where we’ll tell you a bit about how our trees are grown. Our friends from local cafe Rivers Meet will also be open at weekends for winter warming drinks and cakes, so why not make it a family day out! 


Our pop up Christmas Shop will be open selling decorations, Christmas tree stands, as well as holly and wreaths to complete the festive feel throughout your home.


Every year we host magical visits for local nursery & infant schools to come and choose their special school tree and our larger trees are donated to local communities to become the centrepiece for many village & town displays in the Leeds area.


If you are a new customer, please get in touch in good time if you would like to order one of these larger trees.


Opening Times

Our doors will open again from Saturday 24th November.

Tractor rides and Rivers Meet cafe operate on weekends.

Open Daily 9am - 5pm


Don't forget we always love to see our trees decorated & nestled into your home, share your pictures via our Facebook page here Methley Estate. 


Our Trees

Norway Spruce

(Pinaceae Picea Abies)

The Norway Spruce is a traditional variety to many British homes. This tree doesn’t retain its needles as well as some of the other varieties, but this is made up for by its fantastic conical shape and it's dark, shiny needles. Displaying it's iconic traditional Christmas tree fragrance, this tree is a firm favourite for many.

Nordmann Fir

(Pinaceae Abies Nordmanniana)

The Nordmann Fir has much softer green needles that are slightly wider than the Norway Spruce. The tree shows excellent needle retention giving much less mess indoors, in addition to displaying a wonderful symmetrical shape - A great tree to make your Christmas special.

Fraser Fir

(Pinaceae Abies Fraseri)

The Fraser Fir has flat, dark green needles with a wonderful silver tint on the bottom, making it a beautiful, exotic tree. The Frasir Fir has a good shape, with branches that typically point upwards; the tree also gives off a pleasant Christmas tree aroma and has good needle retention.

How long does a Christmas tree take to grow?

Usually, a sapling takes two years to establish, and then will grow one foot every year – meaning a six foot Norway Spruce takes around eight years to mature! The non-drop varieties take even longer, usually another three years to reach the same height!


A year on a Christmas tree farm:


January – Plant saplings and remove overcrowded trees, site maintenance.

January/February - Shear trees to trim sides and encourage them to grow in the right shape.

March - Check soil nutrients and provide fertiliser to get trees growing, chop off leaders to make trees bushier, strim grass to control weeds and let in Shropshire sheep to graze for further weed control- they are tree friendly!

April/August - Watch the trees grow, monitor greenfly and pests.

August/October - Mark trees for forthcoming Christmas. Orders start coming in.

mid-October - Big trees are felled for the village/town centre display (60 of them 14-24’ tall).

mid-November - Preparing retail area for public.

late-November - Christmas time - we are now open for retail sales of trees to the public.

Christmas Day - Feet up and enjoy!

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