How do you stop a real Christmas tree dropping its needles?

This is the thousand-dollar question for everyone wanting a needle-free Christmas! Here’s our top tips for keeping needles off the floor this festive season:


  1. Buy from a reputable seller, where you can be assured that the tree is as freshly cut as possible. At Methley Estate we cut trees daily to ensure your centerpiece lasts as long as possible, or why not choose and cut-your-own – you can’t get fresher than that?!
  2. When you bring your tree home cut 1cm (one quarter of an inch) off the base of the trunk. Keep the tree outdoors standing in
a container of water sheltered from the wind and sun until you’re ready
to bring it into the house for decorating. This will help the tree retain its moisture.
  3. Before bringing the tree into your home and placing it in a stand, cut another 1cm off the base of the trunk. This ensures that the tree stem is open and can take up water. Immediately put your tree into a stand (always use a water-holding stand) and fill it up with fresh water.
  4. Check the water level every day - If you allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut then a new seal will form over the end of the trunk and it won’t take up water so easily. Christmas trees are very thirsty and can use 0.5 to 2 litres of water every day.

If worrying about needles dropping is one job too many at this busy time, consider treating yourself to a non-drop variety, which will retain its needles for longer than the traditional Norway Spruce – Methley stocks Nordmann Fir and Fraser Fir as well as traditional Norway Spruce Christmas trees so there’s plenty to choose from! View our opening hours here.

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